What is Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser?

Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser

Tried and trusted, Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser has been a cleaning-cupboard staple for generations. For over 60 years, Gumption has been tackling those tough cleaning jobs around home, bringing back an unbeatable shine and an outstanding clean every time!

It uses a special soap formulation with unique exfoliating beads to break down and gently lift even the toughest of stains, grease and grime, out of the surface.

Gumption can be used on most modern surfaces such as natural stone bench tops, laminates, baths, basins, tiles, stove tops, ovens and even stainless steel sinks. It will even restore the shine to your pots and pans!

Best of all, Gumption contains no bleaches or harsh chemicals, meaning it’s safe as well as versatile.

Cuts through grease and grime

Works on multiple surfaces

Perfect for stainless steel

No harsh chemicals

Product Benefits

Why use Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser?

  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • No bleaches or harsh chemicals which means no overwhelming fumes and it’s mild on your hands
  • Restores an unbeatable, back-to-new shine
  • Lifts and removes the toughest of ingrained stains and grime
  • It’s versatile – safe for use on most old and modern surfaces around the home
  • Available in two great scents – Fresh Lemon and Eucalyptus
  • It’s economical – a little bit of gumption goes a long way!
  • Tried and tested for over 60 years

Handy Hints

Just like all good family secrets, Gumption has been passed down through the generations since 1948. Over the last 66 years, Gumption has been put to the test in a range of different ways; different jobs, different problems, different domains, different surfaces. What’s remained the same all these years, is the result! The toughest ingrained stains are removed and a back-to-new shine is restored, every time.

Remove red wine stains from bench tops or floors
Remove rust from laundry basin
Restore the shine to cookware

Use Gumption on a toothbrush to clean between the tiles



Remove thick greasy grime from the stove and extraction hood

Make any stain disappear
Remove paint off tiles


Ultimate product for renters – clean with gumption before every inspection!

Clean marks off crockery
Lift out beetroot or cordial stains

Restore the shine to kitchen sinks and tap ware


Forgot to stir the risotto and it’s now baked on to the bottom of your best pot! Take to it with a bit of Gumption.

Clean the oven, removing baked on food or rust

Put some Gumption on a mop and clean the oil stains off the kitchen wall

Clean off marks like grubby finger prints and crayon off walls

Clean model train wheels to make them look new again
Keep one tub in the kitchen and one in the bathroom
Remove hair dye stains from the basin

Bring back the shine to a greasy BBQ

Bought a new (pre-loved) house? Attack the kitchen, bathroom and laundry with gumption before you move in to give it a ‘brand new shine’ and deep clean
Remove permanent marker off the kitchen bench
Clean grime off spa nozzles



Remove curry stains from kitchen bench or chopping board

Clean up the laundry tub, removing scum or rust
Remove turmeric or bee pollen from the kitchen bench

Clean up mirrors and restore the shine


Clean built up grime off your shower floor and in those tough corners

Clean windows

When you get caught short and have run out of stain remover for your clothes, rub on a little gumption and put it in the wash…
Clean burnt-on roast veggies off your baking tray
Remove pot scuffs from inside the cupboard drawers

Restore the shine to your cars headlamp cover
Clean off build up soap scum from the shower screen
Remove dirt and mould from tile grout

Restore the shine to your stainless steel toaster


Remove rust and restore shine to motorbike frame and wheels



Remove baked on food from pots and pans

Restore the shine to your stainless steel toaster


Where to buy Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser?

Gumption comes in 500g tubs and is available in two scents – original Fresh Lemon and Eucalyptus.

Fresh Lemon is available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and leading independent supermarkets.

Eucalytpus is available at IGA and leading independent supermarkets.

Coles Supermarkets


IGA Stores

Metcash Companies

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